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System settings - General

Under the administration tool's option System configuration - System settings, basic system settings are made that configure the flow and functions of the system.

The system settings are divided into the following subgroups:

FlowSystem parameters that control what the invoice flow should look like.
FunctionsSystem parameters that control detail functions in different steps in the workflow.
Purchasing integrationSystem parameters that control how the integration of the invoice application with purchasing systems for matching invoices should work. A description of these can be found under PO matching - System parameters.
Invoice import/registrationSystem parameters that control how invoices are to be imported and basic prerequisites for manual registration of invoices and connection of appendices.
Custom parameters

If a role is only to have access to certain system parameters, these are displayed on this tab and permissions are given via the administration tab on the role form.

Contact our Customer Center by registering a support case in the customer portal to select the parameters the tab should contain.

Forms for configuration of system parameters

When you click on a parameter (flow, function, or other), the parameter settings are opened and displayed in a separate form, this form generally applies to all parameters with a few deviations. The form looks like this:

The parameter is enabled for company: [company name]If this check box is selected, the parameter setting only applies to the specified company, if the check box is left blank, the parameter setting applies to all companies in the installation.
NameHere is the name of the parameter
DescriptionHere is the description of the parameter
Use [description]Here is selected whether the parameter should be activated or deactivated.

In addition to these fields, other fields may be added for some parameters to indicate a numerical value for the parameter in the form of a date or amount.

View parameters

Clicking on the various tabs and then the View button lists a summary of the system parameters.

The list is presented with the names of the columns, a description of the current parameter value, whether there are dependencies on other parameters, and whether the parameter applies only to the active company or to the entire system.