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Email notification

Once a day, a reminder is sent by email to users who have invoices to process. These are sent automatically by the system according to the following criteria:

  • For new invoices: Sent to users who have received one or more new invoices to process, in their personal work queue or in group queues where the user is the email recipient, since the last time an email was sent. This is provided that the invoice has not already been processed.
  • For overdue invoices: Sent to users who have invoices that are approaching the due date (default value 5 days) or have invoices that are overdue for payment. A reminder is sent once a day until the invoice has been forwarded.

In both cases, emails are also sent to the users who are replacing other users who have invoices in their work queue according to the criteria above. 

If no mail arrives

If for some reason you do not receive mail, it may be due to the following.

  • The email address of the user in Admin does not match the user's real address.
  • The user has turned off mailing on the Settings form.
  • The email has ended up in the spam folder
  • Your organization has an email spam filter that stops the email.