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System settings - Invoice import/registration

The administration tool's System configuration - System settings - Invoice import/registration shows a number of system parameters that are used to control the handling of invoices in connection with the import of invoices and settings for manual registration of invoices directly in the system. 

The parameters are as follows:

ImportCurrencyUsed to control whether a currency code is to be retrieved from an imported invoice, or whether the currency code is to be automatically set to the default currency for the vendor.
ImportDuedateUsed to control whether the due date is to be retrieved from the imported invoice, or whether this is to be calculated based on the invoice date + the payment terms on the vendor in the vendor register.
InvoiceNoLengthUsed to indicate how long the invoice number may be when posting an invoice to the financial system. The value here must not exceed the permitted length of the invoice number in the financial system.
DeleteDocumentPathUsed to specify the path to the directory where deleted invoice attachments are placed.