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Password configuration


Administration tool function System configuration - Password configuration is used to set the requirements that apply to the users' passwords in the system. The function only applies to installations where user authentication takes place against The invoice application user tables, in cases where Single Sign On is applied, this function does not apply because the administration of basic user data and passwords then takes place via Active Directory on the network.

Mainly the menu option Password configuration is used in connection with the installation and basic configuration of the system, after that the settings of the function rarely or never need to be changed.

Edit the password configuration settings

Open the form to set the password configuration by first selecting the System Configuration - Password Configuration function and clicking the View button. Then click on the line that is presented, the following form is displayed:

Minimum no of charactersHere is the minimum allowed length that users' passwords may be.
Valid (no of days)Here is how many days a password should be valid.
Require upper-case lettersHere it is stated whether the system should require that the password contains capital letters.
Require lower-case lettersHere it is specified whether the system should require the password to contain lowercase letters.
Require numeric charactersHere it is specified whether the system should require the password to contain numbers.
Max allowed loginsThe maximum number of failed login attempts is entered here before the account is automatically blocked. When an account is blocked, this is marked on the user form.

Adjust the settings and save the new configuration by clicking the Save button.