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On the administration tool's function Invoice - Cases, cases are administered that are in one stage but are not addressed to any user or group.

This i.a. can occur when an invoice has been sent to an addressee who has not been stored in the flow engine correctly, or in the event of unexpected power outages.

The following window is displayed:

The Unaddressed Cases list shows the invoice or invoices that are in a stage, but without the addressee. The list shows Invoice number, Vendor, Due date, and in which stage the case (invoice) is located.

Case history

To view history (who or what worked on the invoice), double-click on the invoice in the list. The history is displayed in the Case history list on the right part of the form.

Send the case to an addressee

  1. Select an invoice.
  2. Choose which stage it should be addressed to
  3. Select one or more addressees to send the invoice to.
  4. Click the OK button to send the case to the selected addressee.


  • If you choose a stage other than the one in which the invoice is located (is at the far right of the line), the invoice will remain in the list. The addressee you choose will, however, be linked to the case but in the stage you selected in the drop-down list.
  • If you select the same stage in the drop-down list as the one in which the invoice is located, the invoice will disappear from the list Unaddressed cases when you click OK.