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Reference configuration

Via the menu option Reference configuration under Business rules - Invoice references, configuration of how the reference concept is to be read from the existing value can be performed.

The function is used for those installations where the reference concept is determined to consist of a combination of different concepts, and where only a part of the entire reference string is to be defined as the reference value that is to control the addressing of the invoices.

Several alternatives can be defined for the system to read parts of the reference value in order of priority, e.g. in the first place, the system should retrieve positions 1-5 and use as a reference and try to find an addressee, if no hit is obtained, as priority 2, retrieve positions 1-8, etc.

Use the New button at the top of the page to open the form to create a new reference configuration. The following form is displayed:

The following fields are avaliable:

Priority setupUsed to specify in which order of priority the current alternative is to be used.
StartUsed to specify at which position in the reference value the reading of the reference should start.
LengthUsed to specify how many characters the reference value should be.
Import from the endUsed to indicate whether reading should start from the end, if this check box is left blank, reading always takes place from the beginning of the reference string.
Minimum permitted lengthUsed to specify how many characters the reference value may consist of at least.
Maximum permitted lengthUsed to specify how many characters the reference value can consist of the most.

If several alternatives are listed in order of priority, the system will read out the alternative reference configurations in turn to find a value that is linked according to the reference register.