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Error during import


Under the administration tool's main menu System Configuration, the menu option Import-Error during import, a list of invoices that cannot be imported due to the invoice file contains errors that make it impossible to read correctly.

This only occurs with the following errors:

  • Invalid customer, ie. the specified customer in the input file does not match the specified customer for the installation. The current customer for the installation is specified in the administration tool under the menu item Invoice import settings in the field Customer.
  • Invalid input format (after conversion of incoming scanned/interpreted information or from e-invoice system)
  • Excessive value (number of characters) in any position.

Normally, the Error during import function is used only in connection with installation and configuration of the system, after which the settings rarely or never need to be changed.

Email in case of missing import

When importing the invoices and errors according to the above are found, the application sends an e-mail that incorrect invoices can be corrected in the administration tool to the recipient specified under the menu item Invoice import settings.

Show missing invoices

Invoices that have any of the above deviations when importing are displayed under the menu option Error during import. Click the View button to list the invoices that have been found with errors.

Delete or correct incorrect invoices

To correct an invoice in the list of missing invoices, click on the row (invoice) in the list to be corrected.

The row displayed is the same as in the transfer file the system tried to import and has the same layout as described in Invoice Import Configuration.

Check the invoice information and correct the error, when clicking Save, the invoice is removed from the list and a new import attempt is performed.

When all invoices in the list Error during import have been saved, check that no invoice returns to the error queue by clicking the View button again. If the list is then empty, all invoices are corrected and imported into the system.

Delete an invoice in the Error during import list by opening the invoice and clicking the Delete button.