• Custom reports
    The user now can view their customized reports.
  • Change row type on template coding rows
    Added the possibility to change the type on coding rows when creating a template in the invoice application. This makes it possible to, for example, make templates for reversed tax without using Admin.
  • Send form
    Has been further optimized and will now behave more consistently throughout the application.
  • Clearer handling of free text field during allocation.
    The application now stops entering additional characters in fields when the maximum limit is reached.
  • Scroll added for accruals form if rows exceed form size
    When applying accruals to several coding rows, the form could not handle this effectively.
  • Optimized translations
    Translations and wording have been reviewed in the application, so that description and language should be consistent throughout.
  • Provide the ability to display the full file name of an attachment
    If an attachment's file name were so long that the application automatically hides this, the user previously could not see the remaining text. This is now done via the mouse over function where we choose to display the whole name via a tooltip.
  • Error message while creating allocation template
    Instead of displaying "There is already a template based on the same information" when a coding template could not be saved, the message now says "There is already a template with the same name". So now the information makes it clearer for the user what needs to be adjusted.
  • Management in the bookmark form
    Optimizations in the bookmark form have been made. Previously users were able to mark invoices and navigate to them from the form even if it was perceived that the specific line was not pressed.
  • Updated English & Norwegian translation for parameter ChangeBookingdate
    Updated the English and Norwegian translations for the ChangeBookingdate system parameter that can be found in admin 


  • Problems removing attest signature 
    Problems could occur when users tried to remove an approval signature in combination with hierarchy.
  • Invoice could be sent to inactive user
    If a user has been inactivated in the system (not removed) and related to an object allegiance, invoices could be automated and sent to them.
  • Invoices could be sent to payment without being completely approved 
    Users could bypass the requirement of approval on certain coding rows depending on the configuration of the system.
  • Changing the flow template did not empty the previously selected addressee
    When users chose to change the flow template in the send form, the previously selected addressee was not emptied/reset but kept in combination with the new flow template that was selected.
  • Transferred column in queue for automatic step showed wrong time
    When you mouse over in the transferred column, both the date and time for the specific invoice are displayed, previously the time was not adjusted for the correct time zone, and this was therefore perceived as incorrect.
  • Print invoice displayed wrong VendorID
    When printing invoice data from within an opened invoice, the wrong supplier ID was displayed, the unique ID in MediusGo was displayed instead of the SupplierIdent field from the Vendor form.
  • Manager incorrectly selected in the control step
    If I, as a user, choose to open an invoice in control before approval, my manager is selected as one of the addressees even if this was not the person the reviewer chose to approve the invoice.
  • Account column on a new row did not get focus 
    When creating a new coding row in the application, the account column did not receive focus, which caused extra correction to be able to continue the allocation effectively.
  • Review/Approve boxes active in Automatic steps
    Settings to be able to review / approve the invoices in queue for automatic steps have been disabled and can no longer be handled in this queue.
  • Error message in send form 
    Updated send form error messages that were displayed in the wrong place and were perceived incorrectly.
  • Checking/unchecking boxes at allocation behaved inconsistently
    When handling coding rows and applying templates, and accruals, the check boxes did not behave consistently.
  • Label column to narrow 
    Depending on the number of columns and order in the work queue, the label column could overflow and cover information on neighboring columns.
  • Replacer dropdown misaligned
    When displaying people that the user replaces, this list was not aligned correctly.
  • Coding - word template on row
    When applying a template to the allocation, in some cases a line with the word "template" could also be added.
  • “Mouse clicker” always shown in the bookmark form.
    The mouse clicker was always displayed on the bookmarks form, which gave the impression that there was something to integrate with in the entire form, this is now only displayed when something is to be clicked on.
  • Using ENTER did not create a new row 
    The handling of the coding rows in combination with the ENTER key on the keyboard was not experienced correctly and has now been updated.
  • Calling an invoice, via direct link.
    When calling a specific invoice from the system, the Unit parameter was handled incorrectly.