• Browse between invoices
    Navigation is implemented so the user can browse between invoices in a work queue.
  • Split invoice
    Functionality for splitting an invoice into several smaller invoices has been added.
  • Updates to unit dropdown
    In the unit dropdown in Filter, Search, and Dashboard it is now possible to sort units by Name or Description, as well as filter selected units.
  • Download attachments
    The file formats that are not possible to view in the application are now possible to download.
  • Support reprocessed invoices in Capture
    Functionality has been added to support the "Reprocess Supplier” function in the Capture UI.


  • Accrual combination not valid
    The combination of UsePeriodicTemplate & UsePeriodicPeriod & UsePeriodicDate did not work correctly.
  • Unable to save invoices in increg 
    When the parameter "AllowNoValidationInIncreg" is active it was not always possible to save the invoice in New Invoice Review.
  • Coding - Signature changed
    If a user highlighted the amount on an already coded row the signature in the coding field changed.
  • Coding - The cursor disappears
    If you selected a coding value with your mouse the cursor disappeared. Now this is corrected so the cursor is in the selected field.
  • Coding - Can't delete value
    Sometimes it was not possible to delete a value in the coding field.
  • Coding - TAF value on the wrong row
    When you coded an invoice with TAF indicators, those sometimes ended up on the wrong row.
  • Replacer dropdown empty
    When there were too many cross-references with replacers the system could not generate a list with available replacees to select from.
  • Unable to save invoices with Secrecy
    If anything was edited on an invoice marked with Secrecy, it was not possible to save.
  • Approval not logged
    When using hierarchy, the approval was not correctly logged.
  • Approval signature disappears
    When using hierarchy, sometimes all approval signatures were not visible on the invoice
  • No log posts are created when using batch
    When you sent an invoice from review or approval using batch handling, no log posts were created in the invoice log for review or approval.
  • Image formats not visible
    Image files such as gif, jpeg, and png were not visible in the document viewer.
  • Wrong format when mailing
    If you added files with the format xslx, docx, and txt when mailing from the application, those files were given the wrong file endings.
  • Payblock is not visible on archived invoices
    When an invoice with Payblock active had been archived, you could no longer see that when you opened the invoice from search.
  • Support button - missing messages
    When a support case was created from the invoice, all types of system messages were not included.