• Sort order & update dropdown for flow template
    Updated drop-down for easier handling of flow templates. Now there is the option to sort by column and easier filtering through search.

  • Limit search to one year
    Limit search to one year will now be saved to the user's profile and the system will now remember this between log-out/log-in.

  • New handling regarding language setting
    When adjusting the language on the user, this will now apply to both MediusGo & Admin. Previously, only one or the other was updated depending on where the adjustment was made.

  • Allocation - Full wildcard support
    Users now have access to be able to do full searches in the dimensions where we are now looking in both Value and description for what is loaded into your records.

  • Expanded the suggestion list 
    When presenting the suggestions that are available when entering an allocation, we have previously shown up to 20 suggested values, even though more are available. This has now been expanded to 70 to make it easier for users to find the values they are looking for.

  • Populate the periodization list automatically
    When accruing and using an account, the first account in the drop-down list will be selected by default.

  • Capture verification queue is always accessible
    The Capture verification queue will always be accessible even if no invoices are available, this is to be able to easily access the addresses that can be used for importing new invoices.

  • New navigation list
    The list has received an update and is now available in more places in the application.
    By default this list will be indented while opening invoices in the queues below.
    • The main image on the invoice
    • Error queue
    • The Capture verification queue

To expand, move the mouse pointer over and if you wish to lock this press the arrow found at the top of the list. These settings are saved to the user's profile and the system remembers this between log-out/log-in

  • Allocation amount in the company currency for read-only invoices
    When opening an invoice or allocation that is of the read-only type, the user will now see a column in the allocation rows that presents the amount in the company currency.

  • Fetch expense reports from work queue 
    Users now have the option of being able to download expense reports for all invoices shown in the New invoice review queue that are linked to a card supplier.

  • Attention to license 
    Based on the license information and the current number of imported invoices, the application will warn if the number of imported invoices seems to exceed the licensed volume.

  • Updated Email functionality
    When a user manually chooses to send an email from the system, the recipient will now clearly see the first/last name of this user as the sender, but where the email is a no-reply from MediusGo. If the recipient chooses to reply to this, the sender's email will be predefined.

  • Updated queue information
    When applying a filter, the user will now clearly see how many invoices this queue contains both based on the applied filter and in parentheses the total number of invoices that are available outside the filter.

  • Report capture errors
    This reporting tool has been removed from the application and the support button now opens the form to submit a support case directly.

  • Create bundle pdf based on searched invoices 
    New option for export in search has been added to be able to export the linked invoice images of the invoices to a PDF file. This is then sent out to specified recipients.

  • Updated TAF functionality
    Updated the Taxes and Fees tool to support additional configurations outside of "best practice"  


  • Periodization - Delete missing
    When a user has applied a periodization, the "remove" button for this is not displayed. This only happened with a specific combination of periodization parameters.

  • Appendix was displayed as the first image when opening the invoice
    If the user chooses to add an attachment to an invoice, this could be displayed as the first option when opening the invoice after, this has been adjusted and the first added file for the invoice will be displayed.

  • Export to Excel gets the wrong status on paid invoices 
    When exporting invoices to an Excel list, the status of paid invoices was displayed incorrectly and instead it read Final Posted.

  • Import Error - can't send after save
    If a user tried to press Send after saving the changes to the error queue, this did not work as the button was disabled. It was only possible to send immediately after the change was made, not by saving in between.

  • Previous invoices coding displays values in wrong column
    If the system used the quantity field, the invoices' previous allocation could be displayed incorrectly to the user.

  • VAT code not displayed on read-only invoices
    When opening a read-only invoice, the VAT code linked to it was not displayed in the invoice header. This has now been added and is now displayed if one exists.

  • Added scroll to substitute list
    If a user was a replacer for a large number of users, this list could pass outside the application, this has now been adjusted and a scroll has been introduced.

  • Could not remove VAT code from invoice
    If a VAT code was connected to the invoice, the user could not choose to remove it, if an empty VAT code was selected, nothing happened.