• API - Invoices
    New endpoint that provides the ability to retrieve invoice data from the system
  • API - Get invoice attachments
    New endpoint that provides the ability to retrieve invoice images or attachments that are linked to invoices in the system


  • Coding templates
    The coding templates in the new application did not work correctly. This is because the system did not correctly apply percentages that are specified, and if the templates where set up with a negative amount, this would not be applied to the rows.
  • Can’t change page in verify queue to view all invoices
    There was a problem being able to change pages in the verification queue if it contained a large number of invoices

  • Coding - Error messages above the table headings.
    In the allocation field, there where a possibility of error messages overlapping header lines if the user had several allocation lines and scrolled through them.
  • Invoices from deactivated companies were displayed
    If invoices were still active in the feed for companies that were deactivated, these were still shown to the user
  • Accrual UsePeriodicTemplate + UsePeriodicDate was an invalid configuration
    When using accrual, the above configuration was not valid and the accrual window could not be opened
  • Can’t open invoice with multiple BatchNo’s
    If an invoice contained several batch numbers, this resulted in the web page being opened blank for the user
  • Can't save zero in Quantity field
    If zero(0) was entered in quantity, the invoice could be saved, however, this value was not saved in the field.
  • Focus on new row after invoice open
    When opening the invoice, the focus regarding the input field should now be updated and the handling of the invoice can be done more efficiently
  • TAF child rows could be selected
    Child lines for TAF could be selected when creating accounting templates, accrual, etc.
  • AllowIncompleteAllocationToAttest did not work as intended
    When activating AllowIncompleteAllocationToAttest, the user would have the option to send an incomplete invoice to attest, but this was not possible.
  • Drop list hidden behind coding rows
    When marking allocation lines to create a template or periodize these, the scroll list could be hidden behind the lines
  • Signatures was sometimes not displayed when forwarding an invoice
    If the user reviewed and approved the invoice, sometimes its signature was not displayed on the invoice if it was opened in a later step
  • Assign invoice to copy-queues does not work
    When trying to forward an invoice and save the invoice to a copy queue this did not work, the choices made where not saved.
  • Error message in allocationrow is hidden
    This error occurred when parameters UseQuantity was enabled and UseTAFRows was disabled.
  • Could not put a label on archived invoices
    When a user searched for an archived invoice, it was not possible to put a label on it if one did not already exist on the invoice
  • SYSTEM unit visible in droplist
    If I, as a user, wanted to Invalidate/Cancel an invoice and with this restart this, the option SYSTEM was displayed under the company list
  • Approval rights would be done against incorrect user
    The system would carry out an approval check on the allocation line that the administrator chooses to add an accrual to, this with the "administrator's" signature
  • Invoice could be sent forward without being fully approved
    When setting up hierarchies and substitutes in the system, users could forward an invoice for payment that the system interpreted as not fully approved and was stopped
  • Invoice could be sent incorrectly
    In combination with hierarchy in the system, the invoice could be sent incorrectly because it went on to control after approval when the person in the last step wanted to send it back to a previous approve

  • Object relations
    When using object relations these where not activated. This is if you use either the forbids or forces combination, the "suggest" option is activated correctly.
  • Can not edit allocation rows without changing signatures as replacer
    Even though substitutes have inherited rights to be able to make edits on the allocation line without emptying the signatures, this was not possible.
  • Wrong user is removed / deleted
    In admin when creating a user and you choose to copy an existing one then press delete (to not create this one) not only the user that was to be created was removed but also the user that was copied from
  • Addressees where removed from the invoice history
    In combination with the hierarchy in the system, it could happen that the addressee could be removed from the history if you chose in the first step to send the invoice to the majority of approves, but it was only handled by one of these
  • Dashboard - Can't send to Investigation
    Previously, it was not possible to forward an opened invoice for investigation
  • Control against incorrect amount could be done
    If an invoice was sent in and was not under the company's default currency, an incorrect control was made against who had the right to approve the invoice
  • The replacer list could fall behind info section
    If a user had the right to be a replacement for a large part of all users in the list could be loaded behind the info section
  • Updated translation in dashboard
    Swedish appeared in some places under the dashboard even though the English language was set
  • Accrual missing information
    If, according to the configuration, you must use a accrual account, the account was not shown in the drop-down list, but only its description
  • Coding rows in the wrong order
    When you chose to copy an allocation from a previous invoice, these were imported in the wrong order into the invoice that was being worked on
  • Unable to write a message or accrue on an invoice in a control step
    If a user did not have the "Permission to change an approved coding row without deleting the approval signature" parameter activated, they could neither add a message nor accrue an invoice in one of the control steps
  • Manager is selected even if flow template is applied
    When handling an invoice that had a flow template applied, both the administrators manager(who would forward the invoice) and the person who was predefined in the template were preselected in the forward form when trying to send the invoice for approval
  • Coding - previous and template calculate wrong
    Sometimes when you copy coding from a previous invoice or use a template, the amounts could be calculated wrong. This occurred if any of the lines would be below 0% for example 0.25%
  • Search - Can't save archived invoices
    When a user chose to search for an invoice, it could happen that the latter could not save a change made to it unless the user had the "Permission to change the coding on already processed invoices" parameter activated, even if the change applied to e.g. application of label
  • Accrual - Problems with rounding
    During accrual, it could happen that the system did not divide the amounts correctly from the period specified