• Re-enable login timer dialog in MediusGo
    Dialog box to inform the user of possible automatic logout has been implemented in the product after switching to the new log in server. 
  • Make columns sortable by drag & drop
    Users now have the option to change the order of the columns in queues and the search window, via drag and drop under Settings in the application.


  • Unable to enter a password when copying users 
    When copying a user in admin, the option to be able to enter the password for this was not shown.
  • Mail regarding deadline invoices was sent out too late.
    When e-mails were sent to the user to inform them that they have invoices that are near the due date, these e-mails were sent out too late. 
  • Problems regarding saving favorites from the send form 
    In the old application, there was a problem with saving their favorites in the submission form when the user had access to several companies.
  • Vendor Categories showed inactive vendors
    When assigning categories to the vendors that were in the system, inactive vendors were also displayed.
  • Labels without category not displayed
    If labels were created in the application and had no category assigned to them, these were not displayed in the interface if they were assigned to an invoice.
  • Coding - Can't delete VAT rows  
    Users could experience problems editing VAT lines even though the AllowEditVAT=0 and AllowEditInInspect=1 parameters allowed this.
  • NaN was shown in amount when copying reversed tax coding 
    If I as a user tried to copy coding rows from a previous invoice, which generates a calculation error, this generated the text NaN in the field for amount 
  • Coding rows that do not have an account were not displayed 
    Rows created via coding suggestions that did not contain accounts were not displayed in the new application which caused error messages for the user. 
  • Admin - Saving on User form
    Updates in the user form regarding the saving of user data. Previously, users could be saved without entering a valid password, which could not be corrected afterward. 
  • Imported image files get extension .octet-stream  
    When importing invoice images via the API, it could happen that these received an incorrect typing of the image file, which resulted in these receiving an incorrect type later in the flow in case of possible export.


  • No allocation rows from GET postings/ endpoint
    When using this endpoint it happened that we did not receive any allocation lines. 
  • Handle receipts for archived invoices via API  
    When importing receipts, we can now handle the type of payments as we now also check against invoices in the archive.