New login server 

As a step forward to further strengthen the security of the application, but also to be able to meet the demands and wishes that come from our customers, MediusGo has made a major change regarding the login server used in Azure. The changes below apply to both the new and old applications running on Azure.


Log in page 

To begin with, everyone uses a common login page for the new application. 

New login page: app.mediusgo.com 


If you still use the old application, the login page remains the same. 



Instead of, as before, entering your signature + password, you will have to enter the email address associated with your user as username instead, then use the same password as before. 


Change password 

With the transition to the new login server, there is also a change regarding the management of passwords. After the first initial configuration of a new user, there is no further administration of the password in admin!  


The responsibility will be handed over to the person who owns the account, and if a user wish to change this afterwards, the "Forgot your password?" link from the login page should be used. 


"Account Locked" & "One Time Password" 

In admin, options regarding "Account locked" & "One-time password" will also be removed, as it is no longer supported in the application as a result. 


Same email on multiple accounts 

No, It is not possible to use the same email on several accounts.  

But, it is possible to adjust the user's email so your setup still works, below is a tip!  


For example. I have two users in the system, one that is set up to belong to "Kitchen" and the other to "Restaurant" this with different permissions, but they both have my email address (martin.oldstrand@medius.com) assigned to them as it is I who handle these invoices and need information about when I have new invoices in my queue.  


I then have the opportunity to update these so that they instead look as below.  


User1: martin.oldstrand+Kitchen@medius.com 

User1: martin.oldstrand+Restaurant@medius.com  


E-Mails will then still go to martin.oldstrand@medius.com, this is because the vast majority of suppliers today support this type of addressing ([Username]+[WHAT YOU WANT]@domain.tld)*, and we then get unique addresses of these users!  


MediusGo support account 

If you've been with us for a while, you might recognize that we used to go by the name Ascendo. 

In the systems today, there is therefore a user with this name so that we can more easily assist you with possible support in the system. 

This user will be disabled to be replaced with a new "mgsupport+[Your unique ID]” user instead. 



  • Approve blocked suppliers in vendor registration
    The option to temporarily approve an invoice belonging to a blocked vendor can now be done from within the vendor registration. 
  • Filter – Label improvements
    The filter function has been updated to make it easier to manage the selection of labels and a clearer way to see which companies these belong to 
  • Search – Label improvements
    The search function has been updated to be able to handle multiple labels  
  • Prevent users from removing “System default labels”
    MediusGo today comes with a default set of labels, which previously could be edited. From now on, these cannot be changed. Users will still be able to create and edit their own 
  • Add File extensions
    The correct file extension is now added to the invoice when email is sent, with the invoice image, and can be opened directly without having to manually add this. 
  • Open next invoice automatically 
    When you work from within an invoice, there is now the option to automatically open the next invoice in the queue from which you opened the invoice. 
  • Strengthen security
    Validations added to the application to strengthen those that already exist and in this way further ensure that no one can access unauthorized invoices 



  • Cannot sort on label in the work queue 
    When trying to sort the invoices based on labels in the work queue, no sorting was done 
  • Can't open accrual when coding rows are locked 
    If the coding row on the invoice were locked, the accruals could not be viewed on these rows. 
  • Cannot navigate between archived and non-archived bookmarks
    If I, as a user, tried to open an archived invoice from my bookmarks (from a bookmarked invoice that was active in the flow), this did not work 
  • Can’t send searched invoices to investigate 
    When trying to forward a searched invoice that is in the active flow for investigation, this did not work 
  • Vendor registration - Changing unit matches to the wrong vendor
    An incorrect vendor could be linked to the invoice from the vendor registration if you chose to change the linked company at the same time 
  • Inactive AttestExceptions gave approval right 
    When you had inactive AttestExceptions that had roles connected to them, then those roles still had the right to approve according to those rules. 
  • Incorrect format when sending e-mail 
    When sending an email from the application, line breaks were removed 
  • Incorrect logs when importing invoices 
    When importing invoices via the MediusGo api, this was not logged correctly, this is now updated and provides better follow-up in case of troubleshooting 
  • Sending hierarchy invoices with AttestExceptions 
    Hierarchy invoices got different recipients when sending from batch and sending from within the invoice. 
  • Page is not updated when using batch approve
    When using the batch forward function, the page was not updated and refreshed with new invoices even if the queue had more to be shown. 
  • Problem changing unit in supplier registration 
    Occurred that it was sometimes not possible to change the unit on the invoices in vendor registration 
  • The system did not handle labels with long names 
    The system did not handle labels with long names correctly 
  • Validating approval on unedited rows 
    When coding invoices, we now only validate the lines that the person in question worked with. Should there be additional rows on the invoice, these are not validated a second time if they haven’t been modified 
  • TAF - Childrows is taken from the previous invoice
    When working with invoices and having activated the function to manage taxes and fees, invoices could occasionally inherit child rows from a previously managed invoice 
  • Flow templates are not inherited correctly
    When setting up flow templates in the system, these were not inherited correctly according to the hierarchy that had been set up 
  • Search summary missing
    In search, the results were not summed up for all invoices 
  • Labels - Tooltips are wrong on standard labels 
    The standard labels that are set up in the system showed an incorrect name as a tooltip 
  • Search - Labels not sorted after translated name 
    In the search window the labels were sorted incorrectly and not by their translated name as they are in the other places in the application  
  • Incorrect position on imported item-lines 
    When importing article lines, these could be assigned an incorrect position if a specific configuration was in place in the system 
  • Mobile Interface - Message is not saved
    Should a message be added directly inside the invoice, then indicate that the invoice should go to investigation and enter a second message. Then only the last message (the second one) would be saved on the invoice. 
  • Currency is not shown on archived invoices 
    When an archived invoice was opened, the currency linked to it was not displayed 
  • Search - Using clear 
    When clear was used in the search, only previously specified search criteria were cleared, not the result that was previously produced (if the user made one) 



  • Remove mimetype validation for verifiedinvoices endpoint 
    To ensure that all invoices can be taken in for further processing in the system, we no longer validate the file type of the invoices that come from this endpoint 
  • Cannot save order transactions without a unit
    A validation to MediusGoApi which prevented rows from being entered correctly associated with order transactions