• Batch handling of invoices.
    It's now possible to send several invoices of different status to the next step in the workflow at the same time. Read more about this in the article Bunthantering.

  • Changed queue name under settings.
    Change the Swedish queue name for “Verifikat” to “Verifiering”.

  • Changed the application of flow template.
    Configured coding suggestions will now inherit flow templates from suggestions that have a lower priority in the system if no flow template has been added to this one. In this way, you can more easily configure a flow for the entire company / supplier category without having to go into each individual supplier to select a flow template .

  • Remove confirm/undo actions on coding rows.
    When a user allocates invoices, this will now be executed directly against the amounts on the invoice / coding balance, now works more like the old application. 

  • Add a column to queue for automatic steps. 

    A new column for the queue “automatic steps” has been added to be able to see if the invoice has been transferred via the integration.
  • Enable Enter to move between coding rows/columns.
    The ability to use enter to move between cells in the coding rows has been added, this is activated under the profile settings.

  • Save coding row settings on logout.
    Should you as a user choose to expand the coding rows under the invoice image, this will now be saved to the profile for the next time you log in.

  • Change accrual window properties.
    When accruing, users will now get a better view of the invoice image. 

  • Favorites has been added to search.
    There is now the option of being able to mark favorites in the search form in order to then get better access to these directly.

  • Unlocked the Reference field.
    Users now have the option to edit the reference on the invoice throughout the flow. 

  • Addresses is sorted by their name.
    The users in the Send form are now sorted by their names and not their signatures.

  • Status added more information.
    Invoices that are in the copy stage now show more information about the status of the original invoice, this in the status column. It now says "Copy, Final posted" or "Copy, Payed" depending of the status of the original invoice.

  • Performance improvement.
    Search has been optimized and now works better in the system.

  • Moving the workqueue toolbar.
    The toolbar with the buttons to forward the invoice in the flow, take it on for investigation or select it as not mine is moved up and displayed together with the page selector for the work queue.

  • Add file-extension when downloading a file.
    When downloading the invoice image, it now receive the invoicenumber_(idnr) followed by the correct file extension.


  • ArticleDescription has increased size.
    The article description can now be up to 1000 characters long.
  • Mimetype validation for VerifiedInvoice.
    A validation for mimetype is added to verify that we now only accept correct document types.
  • Extracharge has been added to API imports.
    The extracharge field can now be imported via api import of invoices, see api documentation for more information.
  • Increase the number for allowed filesize when importing documents.
    The file size for invoices loaded via API has been increased to 25mb.
  • Note is now imported.
    Note could previously be sent with an invoice import through the api, but was not imported into the system, this has now been added and notes can now be included at the line level.
  • Reset the PostedToCapture-flag when importing Vendors/Suppliers.
    When a supplier is updated via the API we will also reset the supplier against Capture to allow these changes to be synced to this registry.
  • Added SerialNumber (löpnummer) to the “Reciepts” enpoint.
    The possibility to import serial number into the receipts has been implemented into the MediusGO API.
  • Two new API-endpoints for postings.
    v2/postings that returns a list of invoice id's that can be exported. Limit to 200 invoices per call.
    v1/postings/{externalId} that returns a single posted invoice.
  • Implemented additional validations for fields that refer to an ExternalID.
    A lookup is now done against the registry to check that this data exists. Otherwise an error is returned.
    *see api documentation for more information.


  • Wrong status on cancelled invoices.
    When a user chose to cancel an invoice the status was shown as Invalidated instead of Cancelled.

  • Send - don't show null as reference.  
    In the send form, "Save selected addressees for reference: [reference on invoice]" When the value in DB Invoice - Reference is NULL then that shows on the form, even though the value in the reference field on the invoice is empty. 

  • Info visible in WQ when queue is empty.  
    When a user sends the last invoice in their personal queue from the work queue window, using the Approve-button, then the invoice disappears from the queue but the information is still there and the buttons are active. 

  • Search - Can't clear customised status.  
    When a user chose a customized status in the search form, they could not go back to a blank status without clearing the whole form.

  • Send - Credit option missing.  
    On the Send form, the option "The invoice must be credited" is not always available. When a user choose one of the destinations Approve, Monitoring, Investigation or Payment the option disappears. 

  • PeriodicAccountTemplateDialog - Cannot select template.  
    When a user choses a template the selected template does not stay selected, instead the value stayed blank. 

  • Can not list verification invoices/ the system freezes.  
    When a user choses to sort a queue by a column which does not exist in verification, then choose to open this queue the invoices are not displayed and the system could freeze. 

  • Wrong language on new users.  
    When setting up a new user, some fields could still be displayed as English, even though this was configured with Swedish language. 

  • Reversed sales tax is calculated wrong.
    When using an allocation template that contains Reversed sales tax, these lines are calculated incorrectly, as the amount is based on the VAT field and not the amount field on the invoice. 

  • Terms of payment cannot be updated through the API.
    An issue occurred in the MediusGo API that caused the TOP to fail when and update was executed. 

  • Capture Verification displays wrong amount of invoices.  
    When a user log into the application, the queue regarding verification of the invoices showed the wrong number if the queue contains invoices that cannot be connected to a company. 

  • Search - Sort order wrong.
    When a user wanted to sort the status column it was not behaving correctly and the order was wrong. 

  • Search - Wrong status on opened invoices.
    When a user wanted to open an invoice in the search list, it had a different status. It had status "Paid" in the list but when opened it said "Final posted".

  • Open the next invoice automatically.
    When using the feature to open the next invoice automatically from the capture verification queue, the next invoice was not opened correctly. 

  • Can't create messages by pressing enter.
    Nothing happened when a user wrote a message and pressed enter. 

  • Coding - AllowNoValidationInIncreg not working.
    When the parameter AllowNoValidationInIncreg=1 then it should be possible to send invoices from new invoice review without filling in forced values. 

  • Coding - Error message on Quantity.  
    Incorrect error message was displayed in combination with AllowNoValidationInIncreg and UseQuantity.

  • Can't delete bookmarks.
    Bookmarks could not be deleted from the system.

  • Search - can't send to Investigate.
    Searched invoices could not be sent for investigation even though this would be permitted.

  • Incorrect information when calling the postings API endpint.
    Invoices containing TAF could be missing information in the call to the MediusGo API to retrieve their postings.

  • Locked invoice in the new vendor queue can still be edited.
    Even if the invoice was locked by another user, the supplier and company could be changed by another if he chose to open the invoice. 

  • Remove system messages.
    Messages that appeared on invoices in the new vendor queue were not removed, but remained on the invoice.

  • Incorrect error message in API.
    Error message for failing to download an attachment was wrong, causing a error 500 instead. 

  • Error when linking invoice.
    Users had problems linking invoices in the system.

  • Invoice image corruption for some users.
    Some users experienced that the invoice images were corrupt and displayed artifacts instead of the correct font at a certain percentage zoom setting. This was due to a combination of computer, drivers, use of hardware acceleration in the browser and the image viewer that the application is built with. 

  • Reviewer not preselected.
    When a user had dimension rights assigned to them, they were not shown as a preselected user when trying to forward the invoice to a reviewer.