• The scaling for the invoice's images and documents has been updated and now adapts better in the system 
  • The option to restart the invoice is now always possible when the user wants to  cancel/invalidate the invoice 
  • Added help link in to MediusGo app 
  • Added support for sending email through the email icon on the invoice, with this the log is updated with associated information 
  • Added support for custom logos in the application to be any height 
  • The allocationgrid in New vendor queue has been removed 
  • When the user tries to forward an invoice from vendor registration, we verify whether a vendor has been selected, otherwise we now show a message to the users
  • Uniform colours of invoice lists
  • Uniform the dropdown list regarding unit, now also show both name and description 
  • Updated the handling regarding role selection so that the user does not accidentally choose an incorrect role, previously it could be experienced that the user chose "role1" but then got "role2" chosen instead 
  • Updated handling regarding labels inside the invoice, the forms are opened/closed in a more user-friendly way 
  • Added logo to settings page 
  • Improve mouse/keyboard handling when coding the invoice 
  • Resizing of different parts of the application has been optimized 
  • Made the “save” button more clear to see if no changes has been made on the invoice 
  • Users selected language is now correctly used when sorting fields in the application 


  • The attest checkbox could in occasion be enabled even though the regulations should prevent this 
  • Verification queue for capture-invoices did not show any invoices if the system could not connect them to any company 
  • The refresh button for the queues did not refresh the list that the user had selected, only the number by the queue description. 
  • *Firefox* The personal queue was not displayed first in the queue list
  • Coding error “Amount exceeded on approval exception” could still be visible even though the user unchecked the coding line and tried to send the invoice 
  • In vendor registration the user could forward an invoice even if no vendor was selected, the invoice then landed again in this queue. 
  • An invoice could not be sent straight to approve (attest) from the queue New invoice review (Ankomstregistrering), due to not being fully coded 
  • The invoice image could sometimes be displayed upside down in the preview window that was displayed 
  • When a user wanted to send an invoice backwards in the flow from a control step, they were not forced to enter a message 
  • Confidentiality invoice - When an approver chose to send the invoice backwards in the flow to a reviewer message was not required
  • Confidentiality invoice - In a control step, users had the option of choosing another approvee even if this person did not have the right to see the invoice, 
  • Confidentiality invoice - From investigation, the invoice could not be forwarded unless the confidentiality configuration dialog was opened and then closed 
  • The refresh button changed place depending on the role selected by the user 
  • In the invoice view "previous invoices" the value did not align with the header 
  • From a searched invoice, when toggling the Coding section it did not hide this for the user