• Optimization regarding window handling. Specifically filters and bookmarks that now behave as desired in the application regarding open/close
  • The display of selectable vendors when connecting to the invoice has been optimized and is now adjusted to the correct screen size 
  • Messages on the invoice's coding lines are now readable directly from the work queue and on searched invoices where the lines are not editable. 
  • Can now read periodization of the invoice's coding lines directly from the work queue and on searched invoices where the lines are not editable. 
  • Better handling of long signatures in the application
  • Refined the work-queues to make fields and columns more consistent 


  • Added Currency Head endpoint for MediusGo-Api
  • Added TermsOfPayment endpoint for MediusGo-Api 
  • Added Companies endpoint for MediusGo-Api 


  • There were pdf versions that the mobile interface did not support in the old application, an updated version of the viewer has been implemented so that this problem has been fixed. (old application)
  • Line breaks could appear in the STAMP column from imports loaded from Scancloud. This could cause problems regarding the display of the invoices in the work queue for the old application. (old application) 
  • If the approve button was used from the work queue, the information from Image, history, previous invoices, general and coding was not emptied if it was the last invoice in the queue. 
  • The forward form did not open correctly if the AllowEditInApproval parameter was disabled and the invoice was in the queue for control after approval. 
  • In the case of long combinations of first and last name, this was not displayed correctly in the application's drop-down list for selecting users. 
  • When activating "Do not update the financial system" when the invoice was to be sent for payment, the system still tried to complete a booking. 
  • If the amount on a coding line contained 3 decimal places in the local currency, this would not be shown to customer, the same applies to the amount that is shown and remains to be coded on the invoice. 
  • The system did not log label changes on the invoice. 
  • When the invoice's coding lines were displayed and were not editable, the amount was not correctly aligned 
  • Coding lines and attachments could not be downloaded to MediusGo from Expense (old application) 
  • Users who had access to search could find confidentiality invoices even though they had no right to