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The invoice contains incorrect code combinations

Type of message: This is an internal message for MediusGo.

Cause: This message is because the coding contains values that are not valid.

It may be that the date on a value has expired or that there are set coding rules in Admin that do not match the current coding.

Action: There are two things to check in the Administration tool when you receive this message.

  1. Check in the code plan (Base register - Code plan) if the values used in the coding have a valid date in the Date to field, if not change the date to one that is in the future. If both date fields of a value are empty, no date needs to be added.
  2. Check existing object relations (Business rules - Object relations) if there are rules for imperative or forbidden relations that do not match the existing coding on the invoice.

If none of this solves the problem, contact the MediusGo Customer Center via the support button on the invoice.