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Forward invoice

When the invoice has been reviewed/approved and possibly corrected, it must be sent forward in the workflow via the Forward button.

Cancel/Forward and open the next invoice automatically

By selecting the Open next invoice automatically check box, a new invoice will be displayed immediately after an invoice has been forwarded or when you select Cancel. This is unlike if the check box is unchecked, as Forward/Cancel means that the work queue is displayed again for manual selection of invoice to handle.

When you click the Forward button, the following form is displayed:


Here, the stages to which the invoice should be sent are highlighted. The options displayed in this field depend on the stage of the invoice and how the system is configured.


When the invoice is in the steps of coding, review, and approval, there is the option Monitoring which means that the invoice is kept in the queue but switches status to "Monitoring [stage]". This is done so that it is easier to sort out the invoices that are under surveillance (if you have a large number of invoices in the working queue).

Write Message

In this field, messages can be written which are saved with the invoice and displayed to subsequent administrators. The function is the same as in the Messages section of the invoice window.

Status Message

Depending on which option is selected, a status message may appear that clarifies if any reservations exist for the selected sending option, e.g. when choosing to send to Invoice Exceptions Review, “Message required” is displayed

Other options

In addition to the overall options mentioned above, there are the following additional options:

To CopyThe function is used to specify whether any user should receive the invoice for information after it has been processed and finally posted. When using the function, a form will be opened to select the copy recipient. These are created and linked through the administration tool.
Invoice must be creditedThis function is used to indicate that an invoice must wait for a credit before the final posting. See also the chapter on Credit Memo.
Restart the invoiceUsed if an invoice, for example, has been imported into the wrong company. The check box is activated when the Invalidate option is selected in New Invoice Review or Cancel is selected in Invoice Exceptions Review. The alternative requires that notification of the reason for the invalidation/cancellation is stated and that a company is chosen to restart the invoice.

Select recipient

In order to send the invoice in the workflow, one or more recipients must be selected.

The following forwarding options can be performed without specifying recipients:

  • Investigation
  • Payment
  • Monitoring

If the list of addressees is long, search can be done via the search field. 

Select the option you want to use to search for a user with and type in the field. First users who have the value in the search field are highlighted in the list, the more characters that are entered the better the accuracy.

Available/selected recipients

The list of Available recipients shows the recipients that can be selected.

In the Selected recipients list you see the users selected as recipients for the invoice. Users can be preselected when the form is opened, read more about what controls this in the article Who is suggested as recipient.

Select one or more (for multiple selection simultaneously; hold down shift or ctrl and click on the recipients to select) recipients and add them to the Selected recipients list via the >> button.


When the invoice is to be sent for checking, the Favourites drop-down list appears below the list of available recipients. Check users and these are at the top of the available users (under any group queues).

Addressing using flow template

By using flow templates, completely predefined addressing paths can be prepared for selected/suitable invoices. A flow template can mean that an invoice has ready proposals for recipients/addressees in one or more stages in the flow.

Flow template management (creating new and editing existing ones) is done in the administration tool, read more about this in the article Flow templates

To select a flow template when addressing, use the Flow Template drop list.

To show what the address in the flow template looks like, use the Show Addresses button, whereby all steps in the flow incl. the addressee of the template is displayed:

Forward the invoice

When sending options, other options and addressees are specified, the invoice is forwarded by clicking the OK button. Cancel the form by clicking the Cancel button.