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Review invoice

Review of an invoice in the invoice application means approving the invoice's delivery, ie. number of goods/services and price. Review can be done in all steps except approval and control steps.

There are three ways to review an invoice.

In the Work-queue window

If you have an invoice in the Review stage in your personal queue and you want to check the entire invoice without making any corrections, click the Approve button in the lower right.

This means that your signature is set for review on all coding rows and the invoice is forwarded for approval. If the system cannot decide who will approve the invoice or if there are any other doubts, the invoice will be opened.

Review per coding row

Open the invoice and check the box with the heading R. to the right of the amount field on each coding row. Select all rows by double-clicking on the heading. If you're also going to approve the invoice, these boxes are activated and can be checked in at the same time.

Review the entire invoice

Review can also be performed at the invoice level via the Review invoice check box above the coding rows.

This means that all existing coding rows on the invoice will automatically be reviewed, and that all coding rows that are created on the invoice will then automatically be reviewed by the person who has reviewed on the invoice level. In fact, review at invoice level can also be carried out on invoices which, at time, completely lack coding rows.