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Confidential invoices

To mark an invoice as confidential may be applicable to invoices with sensitive information, for example invoices from doctor visits etc. The function requires that one or more roles in the system have been granted the authority handle confidential invoices. Only those persons who belong to a role with confidential access rights have the possibility to handle a confidential invoice.

Confidential invoice in the invoice application

The settings for the handling of a confidential invoice are made in the queue New Invoice Review under the General section of the Invoice window, if that section isn't visible, click on the icon in the black column.

Click the button Access rights at the bottom right of the section.

The following form for setting up which users will handle the invoice is displayed:

Click the Add button next to each field and the following forms will appear:

Select a role and a list of users belonging to the role is displayed. Select one or more users and click OK. When the invoice is then forwarded it automatically goes to the users selected here and no other users can be selected on the Forward form

In the Roles with search access rights option, you can only select roles that, in addition to the users handling the invoice, should be able to search for the current invoice.

Search for confidential invoices

To search for invoices that are marked as confidential, use the Secrecy tab in the search window. There, the search is performed in the same way as in the regular search tab. The Secrecy tab is only visible to the users / roles that have confidential access rights.

Confidential Settings in the Administration Tool

Flag vendor as confidential

In the vendor register, it is possible to flag vendors as confidential so that all invoices from these will automatically become confidential invoices. This is done by opening the vendor in the administration tool and checking the box on Confidential. A vendor marked as confidential will always go to New invocie review to set permissions for the specific invoice.

Access rights for confidential invoices

Permission to process confidential invoices is set on the role form in the administration tool. Open the role, select a company and go to the tab Other access rights . These options are avaliable:

  • Confidential access rights: Used to give the role the right to handle and search for confidential invoices.
  • Confidential invoice administrator: Used to control whether the role should have permission to change access to archived classified invoices via the search funtion.