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Approval of invoices

Approval of an invoice in the invoice application means that you approve the invoice amount. Who has permission to approve an invoice is controlled by the Approval rules set up in the administration tool.

Approval of an invoice can be done in three different ways

In the work queue window

If you have an invoice with approval status in your queue and it can be approved without any changes, click the Approve button in the lower right.

All coding rows on the invoice will then receive your approval signature and the invoice will be forwarded for payment. If something on the invoice is unclear, it will open.

In the Invoice window

Open the invoice and mark the box in column A, to the right of the review column, on the coding row, to mark all rows, double-click on the column heading (A).

If you need to both review and approve the invoice, both boxes can be checked at the same time. If the approval box is gray, this means that you do not have permission to approve that row.

Then send the invoice forward by clicking Forward.

Batch approval

When you have invoices in the approval stage in your queue, the Batch approval button appears at the bottom of the invoice list. Click on it to approve multiple invoices simultaneously and the following forms will be displayed:

In Batch approval, invoices can be approved at the invoice level, ie. is not possible to approve single coding rows, no correction can be made on coding rows. Check the Approve box on the left of each row to approve the invoices, if the system is configured for this, all boxes can be checked by double-clicking the Approve heading.

Send invoices forward

By clicking the Send button, all approved invoices are forwarded to payment. If one or more invoices cannot be approved e.g. due to insufficient approval permissions, the following message appears:

Invoices that cannot be approved and sent via Batch approval remain in the work queue and must be handled separately.