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Parallel recipients

In the invoice application, the invoices can be sent to several recipients at the same time, unlike paper-based invoice handling where the invoices go from person to person (serial). Invoices sent to multiple recipients are displayed to all recipients at the same time. However, opening and processing of the invoice cannot be done exactly simultaneously by the parallel administrators. Addressing of invoices to parallel recipients is done by adding several addresses to the list of selected recipients.

The fact that the invoice lies with several recipients is visible in the work queue window by the Not mine button being dark gray and that a list of recipients is displayed in a tooltip when you hover over the button.

When the invoice window is open, the recipients are shown on the Graphical History form.

Rules for sending invoices to several concurrent recipients

The following rules apply to invoices that exist with several concurrent recipients in the same stage:

Next stage

The invoice will not be sent to the next stage until all recipients have forwarded it.

Last to open / handle the invoice

Only for the last user to open and process the invoice the rule is that the invoice must be completed (fully reviewed, fully approved) before it can be forwarded.

Not mine

In the work queue window, at the bottom next to the Investigation button, there is the button Not mine. This is used to easily remove invoices that you should not process without having to open them. Click the button and the invoice will disappear from your personal queue but remains for processing by other recipients.

Send option "No action"

The send option "No action" is available on invoices sent to several concurrent recipients. NOTE - not for the last person to processes the invoice, or if you handled the invoice in an earlier step. The purpose is that if a person has received the invoice incorrectly and does not know who the right administrator is, he can choose the send-option "No action" to "get rid" of the invoice that has other concurrent administrators.

Prioritized send-options

If one of several concurrent administrators chooses to send the invoice to Invoice Exceptions Review, it is automatically removed from all other administrators. The same rule applies if one of several concurrent administrators chooses to send the invoice in return to the administrators in the previous step in the workflow.