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With whom are the invoices

There are three different options for finding out where the invoices are.

Option 1 - Dashboard

  1. Click on Dashboard in the black menu on the right
  2. Select the Bottlenecks tab
  3. Select the status of the invoices you want to follow up (review or approve)

You will now see the users who have invoices under the selected status. Click on each bar to get a list of the invoices each user has and if you want to send a reminder to the user, click the Send reminder button. To send a reminder to all users who have invoices, use the Send Reminder button on the bar chart.

Option 2 - Search

  1. Click Search in the black menu on the right
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the section to the left containing the search options
  3. In the Invoice Status list, select Being processed.
  4. Click Search.

You now get a list of all invoices in your flow. By clicking on the headers Addressee and Status you can easily locate with whom the invoices are located and what status they have

Option 3 - Reports

  1. Click Reports in the black menu on the right
  2. Select Standard Reports and then Users
  3. Click the blue button with the magnifying glass and select which user you want to create the report for.
  4. Click Show Report and you will see a list of all invoices that this user has.