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Process invoices in the Work-queue window

If no changes are to be made to the invoices, you can easily work with them directly in the Work-queue window without opening them.

You start by clicking on the queue to be displayed. To filter / sort the list to show the desired invoices, click the Filter button in the upper right corner of the window. Read more about filters here.

The queue column can then be hidden by clicking the left arrow at the top of the column. This provides more workspace for the invoices.


In the column to the right of the window there are a number of menu items used to select which information to display about each invoice. Click on one or more of the options and these will appear under the invoice list. To remove any of the options, click the icon again. The settings selected will be preset the next time you log in.

The options are:

  • Messages: Displays user and system messages. The number of messages is indicated by the number next to the heading.
  • Previous: Displays previous invoices from the same supplier. If MediusGo Contract is used, the Agreement button is displayed, which gives you the opportunity to view possible agreements with the invoice sender. Contact us to know more about MediusGo Contract.
  • Coding: Coding rows of the invoice. If the row is accrued, this is shown with the symbol at the far left of the row, click on the symbol and a form with the details of the accrual opens.
At the bottom there are two arrows, which are used to scroll up or down the invoice list.

Hide the menu column by clicking the right arrow in the upper left corner of the column. This provides more workspace for the invoices.

Send Options

At the bottom of the page there are three sending options:

  • Not mine: If the invoice was sent to multiple recipients and it should not be processed by you, click this button and the invoice will disappear from your personal queue but remains for processing by other recipients.
  • Investigation: The invoice is sent to Invoice Exceptions Review after a message has been written on the form that comes up.
  • Approve: This button sends the invoice as far into the flow as possible. From New Invoice Review the invoice is sent to the specified reference (if available on the invoice) for review. If you review the invoice it is sent to an approval user if the system can pre-selected one and if you approve the invoice it is sent for payment. If the system finds that something is unclear, the invoice window for the current invoice will be opened.

Invoice image

In the bottom left of the queue column, the current invoice image is displayed. You can hide this image by clicking the plus / minus sign to the right above the image. You can also hide the queues to get a bigger picture. This is done with the plus / minus sign to the right above the queues.