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  • Flow optimizations 
    • The system should now only call the MatchOrder procedure when it is of the order invoice type. 
    • From steps CheckOrder & CheckArticle. The system now automatically suggests the review steps if this flag is missing on an coding row, should the invoice be fully reviewed but missing a flag regarding the approval, that step will be suggested instead.

  • MatchOrder now handles commas in float columns
    The matching procedures have been updated and now handle commas in the register / columns that are set to float.

  • Increased the max number of allowed characters when emailing from the invoice
    Previously, MediusGo only supported 250 characters when sending an email from the system, this has now been expanded to 8000.




  • API – Ordertransactions
    Integration was allowed to import 0 in Status and Type.

  • API – CodingColumns
    When creating new lines, the system set an incorrect default value for a system parameter.

  • Incorrect pre-selected value
    When coding, it was felt that the application highlighted an incorrect suggested value.

  • Allocation - displacement of the values on editable rows
    While browsing between invoices and where you go from an invoice without TAF columns to one with, the values at coding could be perceived to be in incorrect columns.

  • CheckOrderWait function app could not find correct time zone
    The automation around CheckOrderWait could not read the correct time zone for when the next execution should be carried out.

  • PO status filter
    The filter was not displayed when "All companies" were selected, but users had to select a specific company. The filter was also applied to queues which did not contain the new column

  • Perform control on PO invoices when changes on invoice
    Mandatory “Perform control” of the invoice was not done when changing coding on the invoice

  • Cannot copy from order if rows have been deleted
    Users could not retrieve new item lines for the invoice if I deleted them all from the invoice during the same session.

  • Coding credit amount does not work with percentage
    Calculations now work with negative percentages.

  • Could send invoice with no addressee
    Invoices could be forwarded from and to the check order step without specifying an addressee, resulting in the invoice being released.

  • Better handling regarding parameter @UseSpaceInArticleNo
    The system now "cleans" registers and specified item lines better when activating the parameter.

  • ContentType variable is too small
    When importing files of the type word or excel, this resulted in an error message due to incorrect handling of their ContentType.

  • Send invoice to investigate from coding from search
    When I searched and opened the invoices that are in the step Coding, the option to forward these for investigation was not found.

  • Message - no line breaks when messages is displayed
    Messages on the invoices were displayed without line breaks.

  • Incorrect error message when entering negative numbers in Quantity
    When users entered a - in Quantity, a message was displayed that this was not a valid number, this has been adjusted and the system now handles these messages better.

  • Exceptions review button missing
    If a user chose the setting of the send button to the bottom, the button for Exceptions review was not visible when opening an invoice from search.
  • Translation of "not mine"
    When using the Norwegian language in the application, the translation of "not mine" found In the WorkQueue was shown as “Knapp”