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  • Dashboard update
    New statistics have been implemented and from which we also allow the user to go deeper into the system to be able to take part of the information on which the graphs are based.

    This information is opened up in a list similar to the search result in order to give the user access to the tools that are also available there.

    • Approaching due date
      Get a clear overview of how your flow looks based on the due date of the invoices. 
    • Assigned Invoices
      Get an overview of all invoices assigned to a user in the system. If desired, these users can be marked to easily send out a reminder email to them. 
    • Invoices in stage
      This graph has been updated since before and now shows where all invoices in the system are located, not only  a set number of steps. 
    • Top vendors
      Shows statistics on your top vendors, where you choose whether it should be based on the number of invoices or the total sum of the invoices. By default, the span will be statistics based on the last 6 months, but can be adjusted by the user.

  •  Tax information 
    Added to the coding, information regarding taxes and fees linked to the invoice has now been implemented, the applied information can be adjusted by the user if desired.

  • New information box to display the selected addressees 
    When selecting the addressees, these will also be displayed in a new popup on the page to make it easier to add / remove the addressees in the system

  • System now remembers expand TAF rows setting
    If the user chooses to expand the child rows regarding TAF, the system will remember this between invoices / sessions to maintain the state the user left it.  



  • Forward button is not shown in vendor registration.
    If the user chose to show the forward button at the bottom of the application, the button was not shown well inside the queue New vendor. This has now been updated and we will now show it in the queue (fixed top right).

  •  TAF - New row not in focus 
    When applying TAF rows, the correct row was not in focus in the application

  • Notifications 
    Users who hadn't logged in and edited their notification settings showed the wrong value and the application said no notifications would be sent out. Default values in the application is that it is sent out, but it showed No