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  • New parameter “UseMultimatchConsAlloc”
    The order matching logic manages to match more than one line on the same invoice against a delivery line (Multi matching).

    Since all Integrations or ERP systems cannot handle this, they require that there is only one line on the invoice. This can be done by activating the new parameter UseMultimatchConsAlloc (Use consolidated multimatch accounting) and the integration merges these invoice/item lines into one line when the booking is sent to the ERP System.

  • Receive and forward EDI/XML invoices to Capture
    MediusGo's own interpretation service Capture now has the option of handling EDI/XML, by allowing WAN operators to send this to us via a new endpoint in our API.

  • View the invoice image and expand the navigation options for our custom reports
    Now there is the possibility to display the invoice images for the invoices listed in a customized report, and if the user wishes, it is now possible to press the line to go directly to the specified invoice.

  • Move the invoice after the deadline occurred
    Order invoices awaiting delivery will now automatically be moved to Check order after X number of days depending on the parameter setting. Previously, the functionality was not available in Azure.

  • Always display 2 decimals in the amount
    In our work queue and search results, the amounts will always show 2 decimal places to be more consistent with the rest.

  • Translations updated
    Updates in the languages used by the application to make it easier to manage the features available. 



  • Signatures for exported search results
    When exporting the searched result, no approval signatures were displayed for the associated coding rows if the system used hierarchy.

  • Values blocked behind locked dimension
    If the user chose to change value in the coding row, locking a dimension and a value already existed in this, then the dimension was locked and the value could not be removed.

    If this now happens, the value in the locked field will be removed during manual coding.

  • TAF – Wrong amount of allocation rows created 
    If the administrator at setup chose to configure TAF with multiple calculators, it could occur that the system generated an incorrect number of sales tax rows to the specified cost row.

  • Not able to edit rows
    When using the “RequireAttestRule” parameter set to No, it happened that the user still did not have the opportunity to approve the row.

  • Tooltips while coding
    If I, as a user, chose to retrieve coding from the previous invoice or use a coding template, a tooltip with description was not displayed for the coding values that were applied.

  • Log was incorrectly applied
    If a user saved a coding row with 3 decimal places, the log rounded this to only 2.

  • Focus on new row
    When coding, focus was not set to new rows each time which could cause confusion in the application.

  • Blank page
    When the user logged into the system, they could see a blank page where only the toolbar on the left was displayed.

  • System did not display all templates
    When the user wished to apply a coding template by specifying "template" in account, the system only listed 20 templates. This has now been updated and the system now shows all templates that are available to the user.

  • API – Vendors
    Implemented additional functionality to validate that the correct currency in the company is connected with the vendor.