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  • More information while hovering over a signature
    While hovering over a signature, the users first and last name is now also shown.

  • Previous invoices improvements
    You can now open a previous invoice if you want to see it before you copy the coding. More information has also been added to the coding rows in the section.

  • Fetch expense report
    It is now possible to download Expense reports, with coding and attachments, to an invoice.

  • Support for property VAT 
    There is now support for the use of property VAT on the coding rows, where the system automatically calculates VAT from set templates

  • Navigation in the Import Error queue
    Navigation have been added to browse between invoices in the queue Import Error


  • System thinks users are inactive even if they are not
    Improvements have been made to the session time so users are more unlikely to be logged out while working.

  • Invoice could not be opened via direct link
    If an invoice had a negative ID, it could not be opened via a direct link
  • Optimizations regarding the opening of an invoice
    Optimizations in the system have taken place regarding opening an invoice where we have been able to locate that it can sometimes be experienced as slow

  • Allocation – movement while using TAF
    The allocation cursor was not moved to the next available row when applying child rows

  • Clear dimension if the field is forbidden
    We could see that rules could apply values in fields that are locked for the user and could therefore not be deleted.

  • Unable to open invoice
    If an invoice contained a message with more than 50 characters on an allocation row, it could not be opened.

  • Pagination in import error
    Users could experience problems in queue Import Error regarding switching between pages.
  • Document page numbers do not align
    If the size of the document view was reduced, the text in its tool could be displayed incorrectly

  • Invoice log is not cleared when navigating
    If the customer used the navigation tool at the top of the invoice image to move on to another invoice, the invoice log was not updated on the new invoice they navigated to.
  • Accrual, Template + Date + Period
    When opening and saving an accrual, everything looks correct, however, when closing and opening this accrual afterward, the system does not believe that the row is "accrualized" (periodiserad) and I cannot remove the accrual that is on the row without removing the whole row.

  • Incorrect sorting
    Incorrect sorting while sorting on transferred in the queue for automatic step.

  • System thinks rows are Inspected when they aren't
    The system could suggest an incorrect step, Approve instead of review.

  • Search - problems with coding section
    When applying values in the coding block, it could happen that these were not taken into account when the search result was presented

  • Some PDFs are not displayed correctly
    Some invoice images / pages could be presented incorrectly, as they were rotated incorrectly for the user

  • Cannot navigate to processed invoice from workqueue
    The user was not notified that the invoice had already been processed and a blank page was displayed instead
  • Stuck in loading after sending invoice when open next is active
    It could happen that the user only saw loads when they wanted to move on to the next invoice in the queue, this is when this invoice was handled by another user. A clearer message is now displayed instead 


  • OrderTransactions
    Added unit control if using PUT command