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  • Filter available in the verification queue
    The user now has the option to apply filters for the invoices in the verification queue, this is useful if you want to focus on invoices sent to a specific company.
  • Filter on coding
    Filters can now also be applied to sort out invoices that contain a specific allocation value.



  • Coding - Value deleted when forwarding
    During allocation if the user chose to go directly to forward, the value in the last managed dimension could lose its value if the user did not complete the row.
  • Blank page when opening an invoice
    When a user chose to open an invoice, it could happen that this page was blank. This could happen when the exchange rate for the currency was 0 on the linked invoice.

  • MaxInspectAndAttestAmount parameter was not currency dependant
    The parameter previously did not take into account that an invoice did not belong to the company's main currency and could mean that an invoice could not be approved by people who nevertheless had correct rights set in the system.

  • Users experienced problems while trying to approve
    Invoices that do not belong to the company's standard currency could in some cases cause problems for users where they did not have the opportunity to finalize the invoice.

  • Problems importing articles with large amounts 
    In cases where invoices were interpreted with articles that exceeded the amount limit, these were not read in correctly. The limit for this has been extended and is no longer a problem.
  • Problem loading in list of labels in search/filter
    There could be problems loading the list of selectable labels when several companies were selected from the company list.
  • Submit form did not load correctly
    When the user tried to forward an invoice, this form could not be opened correctly in some cases, the loading symbol was only displayed. The reason for this was that the user who tried to forward the invoice did not have a manager assigned to him. The form should now open correctly anyway.