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  • Added easy access to Capture information
    In Admin, under administration of companies, there is access to the Capture address that is linked to the company.

    In addition, these addresses are also available under the Verification queue. The user only has access to information for the companies/addresses to which it is assigned
  • New form for vendor information 
    Inside the invoice, a new button has been added next to the linked supplier (i) to easily check the information that is imported for the linked supplier.
  • Expanded vendor management in New invoice review 
    Factoring vendors can now be handled in a more flexible way in the New invoice review queue.
  • Direct synchronization of new or updated users 
    When creating or updating a user, you previously had to wait until the system have carried out a synchronization, as the interval for these was about 10 minutes, there have been different waiting times depending on this.

    The synchronization will now take place automatically directly after and the user can log in immediately after the data has been saved.
  • Added taxes and fees functionality 
    The functionality regarding taxes and fees has been added to the system where it currently works the same as it did in the old interface. Read more in the support portal about how this should be configured
  • Updated help-button 
    The link now navigates to MediusGo's updated Customer portal, and now goes to the correct page depending on which language the user has set.
  • Login optimizations 
    • MediusGo will now automatically remove any spaces that are specified in the e-mail address during login. 
    • Updated error message in case of wrong login information, which should now notify about incorrect email instead of username
  • Restart archived invoice 
    Restarting archived invoices has been implemented in the application. When restarting an already archived invoice, a copy of this will be created by the system to be added to the workflow again. In this way, we keep the statistics on the already archived invoice but give users the opportunity to manage the new invoice again
  • Update to settings
    Since the new application does not have separate views for Batch View and Batch Search, these have been removed under settings regarding columns



  • Coding - Active row not always visible
    The active coding row is not always in focus when you have a scroll on the allocation grid. When you moved down/up with arrow, tab or enter to a row outside the visible grid you couldn't see the row where the cursor was.

    Now when you go to a row outside the visible area the grid now scroll automatically so that the row where the cursor is placed is always visible.
  • Multiple addresses could get selected 
    When selecting the group or person, it may occur that an additional addressee may be selected. This only occurred if you had both a person and a group queue as selectable addressees, where these in the system had the same ID.
  • Coding category in search is not shown when only one dimension is active 
    If you as a company only had one dimension (account) active in the allocation, this was not an option to enter a search criterion in the search tool
  • Factoring information not updated 
    If, in the New vendor queue, I chose to update the supplier on an invoice that had been linked to a factoring supplier, this information was not deleted but retained on the invoice
  • Incorrect supplier when archiving factoring invoice 
    When an invoice is archived and was linked to a factoring supplier, it could happen that this was not included in the archiving
  • Empty queues when filtering in large amounts of units 
    If as a user were to choose to filter on all companies that I have access to (select all in the list) and you as customers have a large number of companies to choose from, it could happen that no invoices were displayed in the queue