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  • Save coding/review recipients by reference. The user now has the opportunity to save the combination between the selected recipients for coding/review-destinations and the invoice's current reference 
  • Data protection optimizations 
  • Added the option to be able to use your own logos 
  • Added the possibility to add messages to the coding lines 
  • The admin icon is no longer displayed for the user if they don’t have access to this part of the application 
  • Updated the handling of the message "The invoice is a duplicate." (new/old aplication)
    • Should the invoice land in the error queue with this message and this is corrected, the message will not be included in the active flow (Will be removed from the invoice)
    • Should the invoice land in "New invoice review" and subsequently receive this message and be corrected, the message will be removed by the system before it goes out to a reviewer / approver  
  • The ability to select the suggested vendor by simply pressing the suggestion in the vendor registration queue is now added to the product 
  • Option to not update the financial system in the send form has been added when sending the invoice to either Payment or Cancel from the investigation queue 
  • Separate settings for work-queue and Invoice window. The user can now show different views regarding the sections in the work queue and well inside the invoice 
  • Overall interface improvements / optimizations 
  • Overall Workflow improvements / optimizations 


  • Invoices were not displayed in the queue "Import error, faulty unit" when the imported invoice received null value as company identifier 
  • Line breaks in invoice numbers caused the listing of invoices in the work queue to fail (old application) 
  • Line breaks in the article description caused the forwarding form to fail to open (old application) 
  • When the user moved from an invoice back to the work queue, the top invoice was not shown (The list had been scrolled down a bit and instead the next invoice was displayed) 
  • The system could suggest that the invoice should go on to the next person in the hierarchy, even if the invoice was fully approved 
  • Hierarchy-invoice could return error 403 when trying to open forward form 
  • Removed faulty case-variables being set that could cause error when trying to forward invoice 
  • The list of verification invoices was not displayed when adding the external-id column 
  • Scroll tools are displayed when you choose to open the invoice in Verification queue even though this was not necessary 
  • Validation against logic checks was always done in import error, even if the option not to do this was checked 
  • Wrong status for bookmarked invoices was shown if they had been archived 
  • Invoices stuck before being imported if the company used parameter “ConnectToDebet” (new/old application
  • Message about timeout even if session is still active 
  • A scroll list was not displayed if the user chose to make the "General" section smaller than what the fields need to display information 
  • Invoices were not visible in "Past due invoices" 
  • Some of the column information in the invoice list of the Work queue and Dashboard were too far to the right. 
  • Not all amounts where aligned to the right in the search result 
  • Applied validations which now prevents SQL injections in search for pdf free text 
  • Direct link-parameters was case sensitive 
  • Allocation dimensions had different order in different use-cases 
  • Confidentiality invoices - Could not save changes on an invoice before configuring the rights on the invoice when it had been imported and automatically flagged as a confidentiality invoice 
  • Confidentiality invoices -  Could not invalidate an invoice in the New invoice review queue without first configure the rights on the invoice when it had been imported and automatically flagged as a confidentiality invoice 
  • The queue for import error invoices did not match a valid unit and needed to be updated regarding how it verifies if the unit is valid or not 
  • If an invoice was forwarded from the queue Past due invoices, it was not forwarded from the "main addressee" that is, the approve or reviewer it was with. 
  • Import error queue displayed wrong amount of invoices 
  • Confidentiality invoices -  When sending and confidentiality invoice backwards with parallel recipients the system did not remove the other recipients from its addressee  
  • Confidentiality invoices -  Archived confidentiality invoices could not be updated with new rights or configurations regarding the confidentiality settings