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  • New Dashboard component (Coding). 
  • Added system message on the invoice when creating a support case. 
  • Added system message on the invoice when creating a Capture feedback case. 
  • The pop up box is now closed after a support case has been submitted. 
  • Added support for factoring vendors. 
  • Added direct link support for invoices. 
  • If all sections are hidden in the work queue, the invoice image will now take up the remaining space on the screen. 
  • Drag and drop support for adjusting the size of sections in the work queue. 
  • Implemented popup box that informs customer that their session has expired. 
  • Optimizations in the pdf reader. 
  • Added the ability for users to copy text from PDF file. 
  • Updated the help icon. 
  • It is now possible to add spaces in labels. 
  • Optimization of the forward form. 
  • When the invoice window opens, the cursor is by default at the allocation row.


  • Incorrect archiving of deleted addressees. Addressee on invoice was not correctly archived if this belonged to a deleted user. 
  • Problems occurred when the invoice was to be sent to the backwards in the flow and a message had to be entered, the invoice was not sent. 
  • Wrong result when moving back from invoice to Dashboard list. When a user reviewed an invoice in the "Invoice" tab and wanted to go back, the list was not loaded correctly. 
  • The bookmark icon was not always visible and could appear in the wrong colour. 
  • Navigating to an invoice from a bookmark could result in an incomplete invoice (no data was loaded). 
  • Updated management regarding cookies in the application. If old cookies were still alive, they could cause problems for the user. 
  • Users were unable to bookmark invoices opened from search results. 
  • The link invoice button could indicate that I as a user could press this, even if it did not work. 
  • Verification and import error queues grid were not expanded correctly. 

  • Dashboard - Invoices in step throws exception and list did not load correctly. 
  • Inconsistent movements of icons/data in the work queue. 
  • Incorrect addressee in case of approval hierarchy in combination with the user being a substitute. 
  • No new coding lines were created when tabbing through the row and the “left to allocate” was 0 or less. 
  • Confidentiality invoices – could not send the invoice backwards in the flow. 
  • The cursor did now behave the same when using enter / tab in the coding dimensions.