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Credit memo and link credit-debit invoices

To increase the control of debit invoices to be credited, an optional feature is available in MediusGo to mark debit invoices to be credited and link them to the subsequent credit invoice. This function is activated via the system parameter UseInvoiceCredit.

Select a debit invoice to be credited

If the debit invoice is to be credited, this is marked when the invoice is sent to the next step on the Forward form. Check the box The invoice must be credited under Additional actions before you click Forward.

This action does not affect the normal processing of the invoice (coding, review and approval) which must always be carried out.

Handling of invoices marked to await credit

Invoices marked to await credit will not be final posted when sent for payment, but will instead be placed in the work queue Credit Memo, which is normally handled by financial staff.

In this queue, the debit invoices remain, and wait for the credit invoice to arrive and for these to be linked together.

Linking debit-credit invoices

When a credit invoice arrives, it should be linked to a pending debit invoice in the Credit Memo queue.

Linking credit/debit invoices is done via the button at the bottom right of the Invoice information section.

Click on the button and the following form appears:

On the form there are two options:

  • Debit invoices waiting for a credit note are used to link from an incoming credit invoice to a debit invoice in the queue Credit Memo.
  • All invoices being processed are used to link any invoice from the same vendor - regardless of whether the invoice is marked to be linked to credit as above.

Select an invoice in any of the lists and click Link.

The invoice number of the linked invoice is then displayed in the Linked invoice field under Invoice information, on the respective debit and credit invoices.

Remove the link between the invoices by clicking Delete.

Final posting of debit and linked credit invoices

When the linked credit invoice has been coded, reviewed and approved, and sent for payment, the system ensures that both the credit invoice and the linked debit invoice in the queue Credit memo are sent simultaneously for final posting and are thus included in the same payment processing in the financial system.