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Handle invoices as a replacer

When you are a replacement for one or more users, you will find them in the drop-down list at the top right. The list also shows how many invoices each user has in their personal queue.

Select the user whose invoices you are going to process and their personal queue will be displayed.

The rights you inherit from the person you are replacing are as follows:

  • Companies
  • Queues
  • Approval rights, but it is your own signature that is used on the coding rows
  • Right to view confidential invoices of the person you are replacing
  • Change coding without losing the approval signature
  • Set payment/posting block on invoice

You keep your own search and administration rights.

When working as a replacement, the icon on the drop-down list will be blue and show the name of the person you are currently working as.

To get back to your own invoices, click on the dropdown again and select your name at the top of the list.


You can read more about how to add other users as replacements for you in the article Add replacer.