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Import error

When an invoice is imported into MediusGo, some logical checks are performed that are set in the administration tool. If any value in the invoice information violates these rules, the invoice ends up in Import error. The same queue also includes invoices with an incorrect company name, i.e. a name that is not stored in the system. 

There are two different options for displaying invoices that are missing or have an incorrect company:

  • All incorrect invoices can be displayed in the same error queue. 
  • A separate error queue can be used where all invoices with an incorrect company end up. Read more about how to set this up in the article Setup of Import error, faulty unit 

Which option is used is controlled by settings in the administration tool.

The invoices in both queues are treated in the same way, click on an invoice in the list and the following form opens (the fields that are displayed are set in the administration tool):

The Error messages box at the top of the page shows why the invoice is stuck in this queue, change these values and click Send and the invoice will be imported and processed as other invoices. 

If any of the values indicated as incorrect should still remain, check the box "Do not perform logical controls of invoice data", at the bottom of the page, before clicking Send.

Browse between invoices in the queue with the arrows at the top of the page