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New vendor queue


In this stage, invoices are received which, when imported into the system, cannot be matched against a vendor in the vendor register.

The reason for this can be any of the following:

  • The vendor is new and is not listed in the vendor register. The first time an invoice is received from a new vendor, it is marked with the label New vendor in the work queue window.
  • The vendor's ID is misinterpreted and it has therefore not been possible to get a match

Connect vendor

Open an invoice in the queue New vendor by clicking on the queue and then on an invoice in this queue.

Expand the Invoice section and the following forms will appear:

Start typing the name or vendor no. of the vendor to be used and select from the list that appears.

Factoring Company

If the vendor you select is a factoring company, a message will appear and another box will open on the right.

Select the actual vendor for the invoice and click Forward.

If you incorrectly select a factoring company, simply enter a new vendor in the left-hand box. 

Multiple vendors match

If multiple vendors match, a list of the current vendors is displayed.

Click on a vendor in the list to select it.

Blocked vendors

If a vendor is blocked in the vendor register, it will end up in the vendor register with a message.

For the invoice to be forwarded in the flow, you must check the Approve box before clicking Forward.

Forwarding the invoice

When the supplier is connected, the invoice can be forwarded. Click on the Forward button at the top right and the following is displayed:

To forward the invoice - select Process and then click Forward.

Invalidate invoice

If the invoice is to be invalidated, this is done via the Invalidate option, on the forward form (means that it is removed from the workflow and further processing, however, it remains and can be searched in the system's search function).

When choosing to invalidate the invoice, the system requires a message to be written stating the reason for the invalidation.