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Approve invoice

Approving an invoice in MediusGo means approving the amount of the invoice. Who can approve an invoice is governed by the approval rules set up in the administration tool.

Approval of an invoice can be done in two different ways:

In the WorkQueue window

If you have an invoice in the Approval step of your personal queue and you are going to approve the whole invoice without making any corrections, check the checkbox on the left side of the list, several invoices can be selected at the same time. Then click on the Approve button below the invoice list.


All coding rows where you have approval rights on the invoice will then receive your approval signature and the invoice will be sent for payment. If something on the invoice is unclear, a message will be displayed. You can read more about this in the article Batch management.

In the Invoice window

Open the invoice and check the box in column A, to the right of the review column, on the coding row, to select all rows, click on the column header (A).

If you want to both review and approve the invoice, both boxes can be checked at the same time (setting in the administration tool). 

If the approval box is gray, this means that you do not have approval rights on that row.

Then send the invoice forward by clicking on the top right.