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Batch management

To approve several invoices at the same time, batch management can be used in the work queue window.

To use this function, the UseWorkqueueSend parameter must be set to Yes.

On the left side of the invoice list there is a checkbox for each invoice, check the invoices you want to send, invoices with different statuses can be sent at the same time, and select one of the three buttons Approve, Exceptions Review or Not mine that are located under the invoice list.

The checkbox on the header row is used to select all invoices in the queue, for this to be visible, the AllowBatchApproveAll parameter must be set to Yes.


The invoices go to the next step if the system knows who the addressee is. If an invoice cannot be sent via batch management, a message will be displayed indicating which invoice it is and why it cannot be sent, such as this:

There are several reasons why an invoice cannot be sent via Batch Management and the Result box shows the reason for each invoice.

Most often it can be that the system cannot determine who should have the invoice in the next step, but it can also be a problem with the coding or something else.

When an invoice cannot be sent via Batch Management, these must be opened separately by clicking on the invoice number.

New Invoice Review

The invoices go to review.

* Does not yet work for confidentiality invoices or invoices to be addressed by dimension.


The user's signature is applied to all rows that do not already have a signature.

The invoices go to approval.

* Does not yet work for confidential invoices.


The user's signature is set for approval on all rows where the user has approval rights and which do not have a signature already.

The invoices go to payment.

* Does not yet work if the invoice has a flow template with copy steps.

Control and Copy step

The invoices go to approval or payment depending on the control step. The copies are archived.

Exceptions Review

To send one or more invoices to Exceptions Review, these are selected in the list and when you click on the button Exceptions Review, a form opens to enter a message. If several invoices are sent at the same time, the same message is applied to all invoices.

The possibility to send to investigation from the WorkQueue window is available in your Personal queue, Credit Memo and Past Due Invoices.

Not mine

The Not Mine button is used when you have invoices in your queue that have been sent to other users at the same time and you are not going to process them. 

The invoices are then removed without action from your queue.

This button is only activated when you have selected an invoice that belongs to several users.