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WorkQueue window

The WorkQueue window consists of three different parts:

It is possible to resize the different parts by dragging the dotted area under the invoice list and between the invoice image and invoice information.  

You can read more about how to customize the WorkQueue window to suit you in the article Customize the WorkQueue Window.

The menu column

On the far left is a black column with several icons, where the icon for the currently displayed page is white.

Displays the home page with the invoice list.

Opens the search form as a separate tab, read more about this in the article Search.

Opens custom reports as a separate tab. Only visible to users with access to those reports.
The reports are designed according to wishes and are provided as consultancy adjustments by MediusGo. Contact us by registering a ticket in the customer portal if you want to know more.

Opens the Dashboard home page, read more about this in the article Dashboard.

Opens the Settings page, read more about this in the article Settings.

Opens the login page for MediusGo Expense. Read more about this in Expense in New MediusGo.
Only visible for customers with a license for Expense.

Opens the administration tool in a separate tab. Only visible to users who have administration rights.

At the bottom of the column, there are two icons:
Takes you to help articles.

Log out.

Invoice list

Roles, queues, and replacements

At the top left of the page are two drop-down lists:

Shows the roles you belong to and is used to filter which queues you want to work with.

Used to filter invoices based on which company they belong to. Read more about this in the article Filter

Under the droplists, the queues you have access to are displayed, click on a queue and the invoices in this queue are displayed in the list.

There are two buttons next to the queues:

Updates the number of invoices in the queues.

Hides the queues that are currently empty.

At the top right, there is a drop-down list that shows which user you are currently working as. 

If you are replacing someone, it is in this drop-down list that you choose whose invoices you want to work with. 

Invoice list

  • The list shows the invoices in the queue you have currently selected.
  • Click on the blue invoice number to open an invoice and on the rest of the row to display the invoice image and information about the invoice in the lower part of the window. 
  • The checkboxes, on the left, are used for batch management, read more about this in the article Batch management.
  • The columns that are displayed are selected on the settings page, read more about this in the article Settings.

Number per page

Under the invoice list, it is possible to select how many invoices should be displayed in the list and browse between these pages.

Select the number in the drop-down list, if there are more invoices in the queue, the arrows used to scroll between pages are activated.

Batch view

Change the appearance of the window to give you a larger invoice image. Read more about this in the article Process invoices in the WorkQueue window.


If there are many invoices in the queues, it can be useful to filter the list via this button, read more about this in the article Filter.



Click on the star and a list of your bookmarked invoices will open. Read more about this in the article Bookmarks