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Customize the WorkQueue Window

The WorkQueue window can be customized in a variety of ways to suit you as a user.

The top part with the invoice list can be adjusted as follows:

  1. Choose which columns to display in the list and in which order you want them by clicking Settings in the black column and selecting Workqueue under Columns. Read more about this in the article Settings.
  2. Only show queues that have invoices. By clicking on the eye, you can choose to show or hide empty queues.
  3. Select role to filter queues and select company to filter invoices. Read more about this in the article Filters.
  4. Show a larger invoice image by clicking Batch view, read more about this in the article Process invoices in the WorkQueue window.
    Filter the list of invoices. If you have many invoices to manage, you can filter the list based on, for example, Company or Supplier. Read more about this in the article Filter.
  5. Choose how many invoices you want to show in the list by selecting the number in the drop-down list Number per page.
  6. Click on any of the column headings to sort the invoices.

The lower part with the invoice information can be customized as follows:

  1. Drag the dotted section up or down to adjust the height of the section.
  2. Drag the dotted part to the right or left to adjust the width of the section/invoice image.
  3. Click on the icons to the right to hide the sections you don't want to see. If you hide all sections, the invoice image will be displayed across the entire lower part of the window. Read more about the different sections in the article Process invoices in the WorkQueue window.
  4. Click on the arrow next to the section title to show/hide the information.