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To filter the list of invoices in the WorkQueue window, thereby making make it easier to work with, click on  to the right and a panel will open:

  • Company
    Select the companies you want to see invoices for.
    The same drop-down list for filtering by company is also easily accessible at the top of the WorkQueue window and works the same way.
    • Filter the list by typing in the text box.
    • Sort the list by clicking on each heading
    • Select all the companies you see by checking the checkbox next to the heading.
    • Remove all the selected choices you see by unchecking the checkbox next to the heading.
  • Coding
    Select a company, or several companies with the same coding string, and the dimensions of the company will be displayed. Fill in the values you want to filter on. Use to exclude values
  • Filter column
    It is possible to filter on Vendor or Reference.
    When one of these is selected, the text box below the drop-down list is activated and you enter the value or part of the value you want to filter on.
  • Label
    Here it is possible to show only invoices with a specific label. If no company is selected, only system labels are shown, to show company-specific labels, companies must be selected.

When you have made your selection, click on

When a filter is active, it is displayed in three places in the WorkQueue window:

  • The icon on the filter button turns red  
  • The number of queues is shown with 2 numbers, the filtered number and in brackets the total number.

  • An icon appears next to the number of invoices under the list 
    The numbers show the number of invoices after the current filtering and the total number of invoices in the queue.

To remove the filter, open the Filters panel and click on