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Add replacer

Under Settings  in the black column, it is possible for users to administer their own replacers.

The rights your replacer inherits from you are as follows:

  • Company
  • Queues
  • Approval rights, but it is the replacers' own signature that is used on the coding rows.
  • Right to see your confidential invoices

The replacer retains its own search and administration rights.

Please note!

If you are a replacer for other users, your replacer will be a replacer for them as well.

What users are allowed to do regarding replacements is controlled by the AllowCreateReplacer parameter (System Settings - Functions). If the parameter is set to No, the replacements must be created in the administration tool and the user can only change their date range by clicking the Change button.

If the parameter AllowCreateReplacer (System settings - Functions) is set to Yes, the user will be able to add and delete replacements as follows:

Adding a replacer

Note that a user can only add replacements for themselves, not for other users.

Click on the New button to open the form to add a replacer

Search and select the user you want to replace you. Enter the date and click on Add

Edit replacers

If you want to change the date range of any replacer, start by selecting that user in the list and click Edit. The following form opens:

Enter the new dates and click OK.

Delete replacer

Select a replacer in the list and click on Delete.

Adding replacements in the Administration tool

It is also possible to add and remove replacers in the administration tool under the menu Organization - Substitutes.

You can read more about this in Substitutes in the administration tool.