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Click on in the black menu column on the left to go to Settings and the following menu appears:


At the top are settings related to users.


Click on Profile to show available settings.


Choose whether you want to receive emails when you, or people you replace, receive new invoices to process.

Regional settings

Here you choose which language you want to use in the application. Select from the drop-down list and the language changes immediately. Swedish uses the date format YYYYY-MM-DD and English uses the format MM/DD/YYYYY.


If you want to use Enter instead of Tab to move the cursor, when coding invoices, select this here.

UI Settings

Select where you want the Forward button in the Invoice window, top right or bottom right.

Select if you want messages to open automatically when there are any on the invoice.


Here users can administer their own replacers, read more about this in the article Add replacer.


Here are the settings for the columns you want to be displayed in the different invoice lists in the system.

  1. Select the list you want to change, and check the columns you want to see.
  2. You can click and drag the column names to put them in the order you want them in each window.