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Line items

This feature requires that your environment has support and functionality for line interpretation. For more information, please contact us by registering a case in the customer portal.

To enable line interpretation on a vendor, the Line items option is selected under Supplier settings.

The invoice image shows the recognized lines with a purple frame and highlighted lines in blue.

Add rows

To add rows, click on the plus to the left of the rows. One or more lines will be added by clicking OK above the invoice image.

Edit rows

Stand on the selected line in the list and click on the pencil on the left . Move the markings on the invoice image so that they are above the correct values. The easiest way to change the markings in the invoice image is to use the mouse, but if you want to use the keyboard instead, there are some shortcuts for this at the bottom of the article.

Then click OK above the invoice image.

Delete rows

Stand on the selected line in the list and click on the garbage can on the left  .

Reload lines

To reload all the rows, click the arrow on the left .

Confirm this by clicking OK above the invoice image.

Existing rows will be deleted and new ones loaded.

Submit the invoice

When all lines are correct, you submit the invoice in the flow by clicking on the button Send to workflow on the right.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Switch focus between line item and line item cells

Arrow Keys

Move line item or selected line item cells

Shift+Arrow Keys

Move line items or selected line item cells quickly

S+Arrow Keys

Resize cells

Shift+S+Arrow Keys

Resize cells quickly


Accept cell position or accept captured line items (fill in line item grid with captured data)


Leave the selected line item cell or line item configuration mode.