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Supplier settings

There are a few settings associated with each supplier. To change these, click on the gear icon in the supplier field.

A form opens to the left of the verification fields that contain information about the supplier.

Supplier identifiers

Here you see the information that exists to identify the supplier, the information is retrieved from the Supplier Register.

Touchless automation 

There is an option to choose whether all invoices from the supplier should be verified manually (Inactive) or whether invoices with all fields marked in green should go past the verification and directly into the system (Activated). How to activate/deactivate Touchless automation on a supplier is described in the article Touchless automation

Here you will also find statistics for the supplier. 

  • Correct
    The percentage of invoices with no warnings and no changed fields during the past 60 days. A high value indicates good data capture accuracy.
  • Touchless
    The percentage of invoices with no warnings during the past 60 days. With Touchless automation activated, such invoices are sent to workflow automatically.


Here is the possibility to choose which fields to verify on invoices from the supplier.