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Verify invoice

Open an invoice for verification by clicking it in the Capture Verification queue.

The fields that are interpreted and displayed in the column on the right are determined on the Supplier Settings form.

In the list of fields on the right, ready fields are marked with a green square while the fields with missing values are marked with an orange triangle.

When you are in a field, a blue frame is displayed around the interpreted value on the invoice image.

Other values interpreted in other fields are shown in yellow on the image. 

Change/Add values

  1. Place the cursor in a field you want to change and the highlighting on the invoice image changes to a blue frame around the interpreted value.
  2. Hold Ctrl and make a box over the desired value on the image to change the value in the field.
  3. Confirm the value in the field with Tab or Enter.
  4. When all values are correct, the invoice is sent with the Send to workflow button or by pressing Ctrl+Enter.