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Approval hierarchy

The invoice application supports so-called hierarchical approval regulations, this means that all the underlying approval users (with different amount limits) must approve the invoice before the person who has the final approval authority (sufficient approval amount) approves.

All previous approval signatures are then displayed on the respective coding rows.

To use hierarchical approval rules, the system parameter UseAttestHierarchy under the System Configuration main menu, the System Settings option and the underlying menu item Functions must be set to Yes for the company in question.

Approval rules

For the hierarchy to then come into force, the approval rules under Approval rules - Approval rules must be administered so that several different users / roles are given approval rights on the same coding dimension but with different amount limits.

Special approval rules

In order to create a hierarchical function for a special approval rule, the rule must be posted several times (the same combination of coding dimensions eg account 5010 and cost center 100) but with different approval amounts.

Assign different roles to the different rules to achieve hierarchy function on the special approval rule.