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Registration queues


The instructions in this article do not apply to the new MediusGo interface, i.e. if you log in via

Registration queues are used for manual registration of invoices in the invoice application. By default, there is a queue Manual registration in the system, but it is also possible to create several queues if, for example, you want different queues for different companies.

To create a new registration queue, click on the menu option Organisation - Queues - Registration Queues and then on the button New at the top of the page. The following form is opened:

Fill in the Name and Description and enter the path to the folders where the invoices are located. Three paths must be specified:

  • To files
  • To registered files
  • To appendices

Select the roles that should have access to the queue and any translation, then click on Save.

The queues will be displayed as regular queues in the work queue list in the invoice application and if you select one of these, the window will look like the system queue Manual registration and gives the possibility to register invoices.