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Invoice duplicates

Under the Invoice menu in the administration tool, the Invoice duplicates function can be found.

The purpose of this function is to define what the system should consider as a duplicate. This is normally done by specifying a standard definition, the default definition is that a duplicate occurs when two invoices with the same vendor, invoice number and year in the invoice date are present in the system at the same time.


Fundamental to this configuration is that it must always be adapted to the requirements of the ERP system regarding duplicates. For those ERP systems that do not accept that the same invoice number/vendor/year may occur, the function with deviating duplicate definitions cannot be applied.

If an invoice is imported and found to be a duplicate according to this definition, it is automatically placed in the Import Error queue with the error message that the invoice is a duplicate.

"Real" duplicates

Common among i.a. insurance companies and newspaper subscriptions are that the vendors use the same invoice number on all invoices for one year.

In order for these correct invoices not to be identified as duplicates by the invoice application, it is possible to define, per vendor, duplicate definitions from the standard definition.

View existing duplicate definitions

Go to the menu item Invoice - Invoice duplicates and select View, the following list is displayed:

The duplicate definitions are:

Administration of vendors by duplicate definition

Per duplicate definition (which does not constitute a standard), it is possible to choose which vendors follow the current definition. Click on the definition and the following form will appear:

To select which vendors should follow this definition, choose to search for the vendor by entering the Vendor number and/or Vendor name (* is wildcard) and clicking on View.

Add the vendor to the definition by clicking the> button.

Save the vendor to the duplicate definition by clicking the Save button.