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Admin log


In the administration tool's menu option Admin Log there is a function to list which logged events have been performed in the administration tool. Logging takes place automatically in the system when administering the following functions:

  • Users: Add/delete, connect/disconnect companies and properties of companies
  • Substitutes: Add/delete
  • Roles: Add/delete, connect/disconnect companies and properties of companies
  • System settings: Enable/disable parameters

The purpose of the function is for the system to offer information about what measures have been taken in the administration tool, who carried out the measures and when.

The log function shows information for all companies.

View logged events for selected function

Select the menu System configuration - Admin Log and the following window will appear:

Filtering of the log list can be done partly by selecting Area / Event in the drop-down lists


Displays all functions (areas) in the system that are logged, these are:

UserShows all logged changes made via the Organisation - User function
User:CompanyShows all logged changes made via the Organisation - Users function and affects users' properties on companies.
Agreement invoicesShows all changes regarding agreement invoices that are made via the function Business rules - Agreement invoices.
SubstituteShows all logged changes made to substitutes.
LicensShows all logged license changes made in the current installation.
RoleShows all logged changes made to roles.
Role:CompanyShows all changes that have been made regarding the properties of roles in companies.
System settingsShows all changes made to the menu option System Configuration - System Settings.


Provides the ability to further filter the selected Area as above per function searched for.

The choices in the drop-down list Event are governed by which area is selected, for example, changes in the approval rules are found when area Role: Company is selected.

If no area is selected, no event value can be selected.

Additional fields

Additional filtering can be done based on the following concepts:

Additional fieldsDescription
Performed onSpecifies which value has changed, eg role name
Performed bySpecifies which administrator made the change
Date fromSpecifies the start date in the date range for logged events
Date toSpecifies the end date in the date range for logged events

When the desired filtering settings have been made, current log events are retrieved by clicking the View button.

Sorting of the presented log result can be done in ascending and descending order per column by clicking on the heading.